Rene Magritte. The Mysteries of Horizon.

LGBT and Homophobia Campaigns

How do homo- and bisexual people explain the launch of a homophobia campaign that violates their basic human rights? Which narratives do they use to adjust to the hostile environment? We explore the explanations they use to talk about their experience of a homophobia campaign. Respondents demonstrate their awareness of the political reasoning behind the campaign and explain it as a tool for electoral mobilization, the repression of pro-Western oriented opposition and as a part of biopolitical technologies adopted by the government to increase its control over people’s bodies and minds. Contrary to intuitive expectations, this political awareness does not protect the informants from self-blame, social escapism, and moral suffering.

Political Awareness and Self-Blame in the Explanatory Narratives of LGBT People Amid the Anti-LGBT Campaign in Russia. Sexuality and Culture. 2015 Vol.19. No.2. P.275-296 (Irina Soboleva & Yaroslav Bakhmetjev) [SSRN]

Featured Image: Rene Magritte. The Mysteries of Horizon.