About me


I am a PhD Candidate at Columbia University with a concentration in political behavior, experimental cognitive psychology, and democratic development. 

My current research examines how citizens build and endure civic habits at the local level.

Previously, I served as a Lecturer in Political Science at the Higher School of Economics and a Visiting Assistant Professor of Politics at the European University at St. Petersburg.

My papers appeared in World Politics, Europe-Asia Studies, Sexuality and Culture, Russian Politics, Post-Soviet Affairs, and Problems of Post-Communism.

My current research has been generously supported, among others, by the International Society of Political Psychology, the Columbia Global Policy Initiative, the Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies, the Earth Institute’s Advanced Consortium on Cooperation, Conflict, and Complexity, the Harriman Institute, the Association for the Study of Nationalities, and the Higher School of Economics.

Feel free to contact me via email.